Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism

For the past year, I have been writing a book called Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism. I started the process after a weekend of deep introspection at a Mindscape course in Portland, OR. I came away knowing I would write the book, but was terrified because I would have to face my own story eye to eye and relive it. I knew that it would help me in my own healing as well as the healing of others who are coping with Autism in their homes.

In addition to the story, the secrets I had learned about how to use essential oils for Autism were just dying to get out of me, so I began writing. Learning to use oils for Autism was such a beautiful experience but absolutely no one was there to tell me that it was an option or how to do it. Now that I figured out how to use essential oils and products to support our bodies and minds, I can be that helping hand for you.

Healing is such a personalized journey, so I never intended to write a book with a formula for others to follow. What I hope people gain from the book is the idea that significant improvement is possible for those who suffer from symptoms of Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, and other emotional/behavioral disorders. Many examples of teaching strategies, health interventions, therapies, and natural remedies are presented in the book. On top of that, I hope the book gives readers the experience of walking in the shoes of a family dealing with Autism. I am constantly searching for the significance and the messages we are taught through life’s experience, so I share some of those life lessons, as well as my theories on the Autism epidemic. I hope you laugh and cry and think and get fired up as you read this book that is so much more than an Autism book.

The front cover was a picture taken out on Long Beach, WA the summer of 2014. We were walking along the beach when Zowee suddenly said, “Take our picture! Come on Noelle, let’s do our “Adventure Girls” pose.” So she set up the picture and we captured a moment that my little Adventure Girl staged for the world to see her. Our adventure is not over by any means, but the sun is setting on one phase of our journey and a new day will be coming for us now. I am so thrilled you are on this journey with us! Be sure to get the book and share about it with everyone!

You can get the autism book through this link Please share a review when you are done on the Amazon site and write your thoughts, comments, and questions below here. For those who will be using the book as a guide for their health, join our Facebook group “Our Journey Through Autism.”