The Law of Reflection

Recently a dear friend was sharing how busy she is serving others, yet others aren’t reciprocating the same level of service and kindness to her. She had spent the last several years climbing the ladder of success, spending tons of money on self-improvement training, and countless hours serving those she works with. She explained that she would just “keep working on (her)self, trying to be better, kinder, more loving, and forgiving all the things (she) needs to.”

At first, that sounded like the right answer, but then my inner voice just screamed for her, “NO!!! THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS!” What I started to realize was that on some level we are forgetting the Universal principles that guide our relationships. I responded to her with this statement, “Love YOURSELF and everyone will mirror it back to you….it’s the Law of Reflection. Just love YOU. You deserve it.” Even as I wrote it, I was in awe of the concept coming out of me. I had never heard of the Universal Law of Reflection but I apparently had just discovered it. After all her seeking she was dumbfounded and responded, “Wow. That is some of the best counsel I’ve ever had. You are right.”

My version of the Law of Reflection is this: Whatever we do to our self, whatever we think about our self or whatever we believe about our self is what is being reflected back to us by our experience. It shows up in our environment, our relationships, and our daily experiences.

Why did that person treat me so horribly? Turn that thought around and let the Law of Reflection shine on it. Why do you treat yourself so horribly? How can you treat yourself kindly and with compassion in this moment so that your experience can shift? Do you see how it works? When was the last time you spoke sweet words to yourself and complimented your stellar qualities? If you begin to work on the inner relationship with self, I believe your outer relationships will naturally mirror it back to you.

One of the ways I have seen BodyTalk help me with this was in a recent session I received. The practitioner brought to light some very deep beliefs about myself and love that were ready to come into the light to be released. As I heard her explain the message playing in my subconscious day and night, I couldn’t help by cry knowing that my life experience had reflected that exact belief back to me. “I do not deserve to be loved.” As the energy of this belief was dissolved, my internal environment has shifted. I have been able to feel more love for myself and know it will be mirrored back to my in my experience.

So, how about you? What are you seeing in your experience and relationships that is reflecting a persistent message back to you? Is no one listening to you, caring for you, or connecting with you? Is the message that: you are not listening to yourself, you are not caring for yourself, and you are not connected to yourself? Especially in the area of love, I encourage you to go deeper within and begin to love on yourself a little more today. See where you have needs that you have not met and go meet them. Another practitioner asked me once, “Who is the person who loves you most in the Universe?” I stumbled around in my mind and then finally said, “Me,…..I guess.” Yep. It’s us. We are the ones who will love ourselves and then the entire Universe will reflect that back to us through people, events, experiences, and any other gift it wants to send our way. How are you seeing the Law of Reflection play out in your life? Comment below and share your insights.