Benefits of BodyTalk

BodyTalk has an unlimited amount of benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. That’s because YOU have an unlimited potential. When you are linked up correctly, there’s no end to the healing and growth you can experience!

When I do a session I will be looking for priority issues of imbalance in these areas:

• Breathing patterns, left/right brain coordination, energy blockages associated with birthplace, energy imbalances within the brain, hydration of the body, and health problems associated with internal and external scarring.

• The twelve major body organs, eight endocrine systems, and other body parts.

• Genetically and/or environmentally influenced cell disorders.

• Viruses, infections, parasites, food intolerances, environmental allergies, and toxins.

• The 36 surface energy points that often impact a person’s energy level, mood, overall structural integrity, muscle tension, and digestive system. These surface energy imbalances can be a cause pain in the body.

• Clearing emotional blockages. Once removed, a number of psychological disorders can be alleviated.

• Lymphatic system including lymph glands and the lymph ducts.

• Energy blockages associated with the nervous and circulatory systems.

• Traditional acupuncture meridians, the chakras, and general bioenergetic energy flow. Blood sugar balancing also comes under this category.

• Parts of the Musculoskeletal system that may be “locked”. This includes the spine, pubic bone, cranium, sacrum, ribs, joints and muscles.

• Restoring energy imbalances between the patient and certain aspects of the environment.

BodyTalk does not claim to diagnose or treat specific ailments, but in my experience I have seen that once the overall systems are balanced, clients have shown improvement in areas such as arthritis, sports injuries and performance, emotional disorders, learning disorders, digestive disorders, endocrine disorders, chronic fatigue, headaches, phobias, chronic pain, stress, viruses, infections, and allergies!

One of my favorite benefits of BodyTalk is the reported restoration in family, work, and social relationships!

I have been told many testimonials of marriages saved and parent-child relationships restored to health. Of all the testimonials I hear, the healing within families is the one that gives me the most hope for today’s modern societal problems and even health epidemics. I hope you will try a session and experience the benefits yourself!

For more information, please refer to the International BodyTalk Association website.