If I May Say One Thing...…….

Dear clients and friends,

While the world goes into fear, trauma, overreaction, underreaction, panic, and spin out over the coronavirus, serious economic concerns, the mental/emotional toll of quarantine, and government overreach or under response, I’d like to say something.

Truth is still truth. Love is still love. Freedom is still freedom.

If someone out there is lying, does that take away or impact your relationship with truth? If someone isn’t loving, does it take away your access to love? If someone tries to take your freedom, can they successfully take what is innately yours by nature? The answer is no. No, they cannot. Only you have these powers.

You always have inner truth. You always have access to love. You always have freedom of choice. It is only the illusions of false reality that tell you otherwise. It is only the subtle hypnosis of mind noise that tells you that you are trapped, disconnected, separated, impoverished, enslaved, diseased, unsafe, or unloved. It is all within your power to experience truth, love, and freedom, right here, right now.

How do I know? I know because time and time again I have allowed myself to be overcome with the mind noise that is created in this world and time and time again I have come back to the truth that I am the creator of my experience and I have the full ability to create paradise within myself or my own personal hell.

When I find myself overwhelmed, eventually I have been able to get into a quiet space …usually after tapping out my Cortices (an energy medicine technique from the BodyTalk system I use). It is then that I can find my inner voice of truth again. This inner voice is the most solid source of truth, love, and freedom that we have. It is not necessarily auditory words that speak from the inner voice. It can be images, sounds, colors, feelings, and sometimes words. If we attune to it regularly, we will find the Divine is within. Yes, it is the Christ Consciousness, yes, it is Source, yes, it is Love, yes, it is Truth, yes, it is Freedom! All of this is living and teaching us through the inner being, or rather, “our heart.”

When I have mind noise and trauma separating me from myself, it is not possible for me to fix my outer world. I must go within, bridge the gap, come into connection and free myself, love myself, and give myself a dose of truth. As they say, the farthest distance known to man is the distance between the head and the heart. Let’s take that journey together, drop into our hearts, find our power within, and live in true connection again right now. The ripple out into your life and this world will be astounding.

So, if I may say one thing, I would like to say, “Truth is still truth. Love is still love. Freedom is still freedom.” And just for good measure, give yourself a big hug. You are doing better than you know!

Love and Aloha,