Take 5 Breathing

The power of breath is behind every BodyTalk session I facilitate. You'll often hear me say, "Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth" as we are implementing a shift in your body/mind. I am convinced that the breath is the vehicle for shift, so I've created a simple daily breathing routine to share with you. I call it Take 5 Breathing and here's how it works:

1. Hold palms in front of your chest facing each other but about an inch apart. Connect your pinky finger to pinky finger, making contact with the full pad of the finger, and take a full deep breath. Hold those fingers together during the rest of the breathing.

2. Next, press your ring finger together in similar fashion, taking another deep breath. Continue to connect and hold each finger as you take one full breath.

3.When complete, you will have your fingers all touching. Press your palms together in a prayer-like pose at the heart. You now have a clear mind and a more connected body. You can set and intention for what you'd like to experience next or say a more meditative prayer at that time.

And that is it! The Take 5 Breathing technique subtly addresses meridians, reflex points, left/right side of body, midline of brain, as well as stimulates the lungs, lymph, and heart. Balanced thinking, emotional health, and general well-being can be achieved by regularly doing this technique. I created this to be a support for children and adults alike, so use it with your kids! We all need self care tools in this face paced world. Slow it down and shift your vibration with this simple solution for stress.

SO Much Love,