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Aloha, as part of my own evolution, I am creating a new structure for clients to work with me.  If you are called to do consistent Live work with me on the phone, become a member of the Vortex Year Long Membership. This is the only way you can receive Live sessions with me on the phone. See the Memberships Tab for this!

If you want an individual BodyTalk Session, book an audio recorded session here. Then you will be contacted with a short intake. On the next Clinic Day, Carolyn will tune in and do your session. It will be anywhere from 30-45 min, recorded on audio, and sent to you. Once you listen to it, you can follow up with one email/message and questions.


Use the payment buttons to purchase your


session with me. You can choose a


preferred day for your session as a

request. I will be in contact with you to


gather your intake and tell you when the


next clinic day is.

I look forward to working with you!



The Body Talk system is amazing. Carolyn is a gift to me. She has a gift and has developed it for the sake of her family and others. I feel her love and her intuition both as she assists me in becoming balanced, gaining clarity, receiving insight, and finding healing.

-Karen S. Tricities