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Sometimes the most potent shift comes from a personal one on one intuitive healing session. Individual sessions are now performed remotely on the phone for members of The Vortex Membership or for individual clients.  During our time together, we are uniquely guided as to which modality to use and how to answer your questions with the highest vibe guidance.


 I offer children’s sessions for a shorter period of time since their bodies shift quickly in just 30 minutes with me. Business owner’s and those dealing with money challenges love my business matrix and money matrix sessions, aligning and guiding you to a healthy new balance in work and financial arenas. Couples rave about the healing and connection made in our couple’s sessions as they step deeper into their sacred roles and clear energetic baggage from the past. Choose your level of commitment and which kind of session most serves you.


The Imagine Nation group mind-body sessions can be accessed through for $5-25 a month. Daily maintenance of energetic health is vital, so I created this way for everyone to have access to it. Receive 5 minute short balancing sessions, regular longer sessions going deep into healing and eliminating negative patterns in the body and mind. Here is an example of how a group session works.

*SESSIONS ARE PERFORMED REMOTELY. Clients are either on the phone or listening to a recording or video. They usually have a pen/paper handy and a glass of water, but otherwise can be laying down or sitting comfortably.  Setting intentions for yourself before the session is powerful, so identify 3-5 intentions you have for yourself before beginning.

Carolyn's Courses

Living In Alignment Course

What you get:

-Lifetime access to 8 teaching modules and 4 energetic healing activations

performed by Jessica Miklas and Carolyn Johnson

-22 Tools for self healing

-Instant Access to the course when you buy

-Bonus support with intuitively choses essential oils

-See Preview Here:

All this for $333! 

Meditation by the Sea

YOUR BODY IS A MASTERPIECE divinely created and woven together with Love. Because of the nature of this life, your body, mind, and spirit can go through times of suffering and disconnect. My role as a practitioner facilitating your healing, is to support you to reconnect to the divine blueprint.

New outcomes and possibilities come forward for my clients as they receive sessions and follow their body’s guidance into greater health and wellness. Each person has unique bodies and needs, so their sessions are customized exactly to those needs.

I’ve been given and developed my unique gifts to see within the body, mind, and spirit. The advanced trainings I’ve received since 2012, support you with the techniques needed to reconnect and upgrade your consciousness.

-Carolyn Johnson

CarolynLogo2 (1).png


 *If you have a medical problem, contact your regular physician and do not use my work as a replacement for your doctor. During a session, I utilize healing modalities that allow the energy systems of the body to be synchronized so that the body can function as it is meant to. No diagnosis is given nor medications prescribed. Understand that all statements made are up to the client’s own interpretation and based on their mental filters. I am not liable for anything that happens as a result of the session, and all healing is a result of the client’s connection to their own self. The session is non-invasive, and there are no contraindications. By receiving a session or signing up for a patreon membership, you are giving me permission to access your body’s innate wisdom for guidance in the session.  All following actions that you take after the session are entirely up to you. You are highly encouraged to do the follow-up guidelines from your session. However, clients are encouraged to make all health decisions responsibly and with their own inner guidance system leading the way.

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