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"I had known about muscle testing for over 10 years but had never experienced a healer who could tap into what my body wanted to tell me and in the order it wanted to tell it to me. I knew very early in the first session that this was what I needed to find the answers and healing for a wide range of 'maladies' affecting my family—emotionally and physically. From allergies to asthma to bedwetting to congenital nystagmus, I knew following this path with Carolyn as a guide would help get to the roots of these problems." -Karen S., Tricities

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"What I didn’t expect was the level of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and support I would feel. After my first time visiting Carolyn, I felt a lightness in myself and my marriage I hadn’t felt for over 10 years. If that were the only benefit I gained, I would have paid a thousand times over for it.
Another element I will be forever grateful for is helping me to understand myself and my life path. I had had glimpses of insight that I had never been able to make sense of. In a short time, Carolyn helped me to begin connecting the pieces together which allowed me to start listening to myself better and embark upon my own life’s journey when I had previously felt stilted in my attempts.

There’s so much more I could say about things I have learned and emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing that has begun. The Body Talk system is amazing. Carolyn is a gift to me. She has a gift and has developed it for the sake of her family and others. I feel her love and her intuition both as she assists me in becoming balanced, gaining clarity, receiving insight, and finding healing."

-Karen S., Tricities


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