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When You Don’t Know What To Do

How many times have you had a health problem or emotional pattern that just doesn’t respond to normal treatment? It happens to us all, and it’s in those bewildering moments that I am most thankful for BodyTalk. When we have blocks to the flow of communication in the body and mind, our body will give us symptoms so it gets our attention. If your symptoms are persisting, there is more your body wants you to know. For example, when a simple injury like a sprained ankle isn’t healing, it is most likely because of an energetic complication.

I have had the opportunity to watch people with chronic pain and emotional disorders have breakthroughs when they receive a BodyTalk session. In one case, a mother whose young child was suffering from symptoms she was concerned may have been Autism, contacted me. She had exhausted all her resources to help her child and it was beautiful to see how quickly they found relief! Here’s what happened:

“My five year old has always been a bit overly sensitive to touch, water temperature, other sensory things. Back in may he had his five year old, pre-kindergarten booster shots. Of course, after getting the shots he cried and was very upset. He kept saying the doctor put holes in his arm. But he became increasingly more upset and just kept crying and screaming. I couldn’t touch him, I couldn’t bathe him. He wouldn’t stop screaming. This went on for just over 24 hours before I called Carolyn. We did a short body talk session over the phone. He instantly calmed down and then fell asleep on the couch where we were sitting. We did a follow up session a few weeks later and since then he has not had as many sensory issues, I don’t notice him complaining about water temperature or people touching him. And he looks people in the eye for the first time in his life. This was an amazing life changing experience for all of us, and I’m so grateful for BodyTalk.”

-Tiffany D., Tri-Cities, WA

If you have ever experienced anything like this, you can imagine how thrilled we all were when in just 2 short sessions, the child had recovered. In fact, it was beyond recovery, he was doing better than he had ever done in his life. “He looks people in the eye for the first time in his life.” How does it get better than that?!! During the session we worked on energetically dissolving fears that were preventing him from having eye contact. His body could return to the normal function and connection with people once the energy patterns were changed.

I hope that you never face situations like this, but if you do, please remember to contact me for support. If you know of any family dealing with sensory issues, eye contact, or Autistic symptoms, please recommend BodyTalk to them. Many symptoms are not permanent and can be alleviated quickly.

Best Wishes to You and Happy Health,


 RealTalk |BodyTalk Testimonial 

"Moments of joy returning to families!! Here's a testimonial from Session #2 for J., age 8, dealing with Autism. I did a distance Bodytalk session one night after he went to bed. I shared results from first session last week. Here's what happened this time: "This is so cool. So last night before you called, J. had a super bad night and ended up going to bed crying and mad because he wouldn't do his homework that was taking 2 hours to do like 8 problems. It was discouraging and my parents were exhausted and sad watching the whole ordeal. BUT... I woke up at 3am to find J. standing by my bedside and he said "mommy" and gave me a big hug.... Amazing right??? It was like an out of body experience! Then he laid down by me and snuggled his head towards me and let me rub his back which never happens- then he looked at me with the most genuine deep smile that came straight from his soul and laughed and his body kind of got the shivers when he layed back down and he giggled again. I haven't seen him smile like that for a long time - it's like his old self was shining through. It made me think of how you said his cells were doing the happy dance and thought maybe he just couldn't contain himself.... it was seriously so amazing and beautiful! I also remembered asking him at 3am something about what he was doing up and he said something about doing homework which I ignored and just snuggled him but when I woke up I found his homework COMPLETED on the counter! Seriously so amazing.... Thank you for being so in tune to help heal my family- I keep thinking it's going to be baby steps but instead they are giant leaps!!! Hugs!"

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