BodyTalk for Children

Children are quick learners, quick healers, and full of beautiful potential. As a former elementary school teacher, I have always loved working with children, but was often frustrated that I could not help them tap into their potential more fully when they had learning disabilities or other disorders. I learned BodyTalk originally to help my daughters. It worked so easily and quickly that I began to offer sessions for other special needs, troubled, sick, or adopted children. In every situation, BodyTalk brought significant changes in mood, behavior, and health.

Now that I have been a BodyTalk practitioner for several years, specializing in special needs children’s health, I have been able to see the significant changes that come through even one session. Through the biofeedback techniques used, disconnects within the body and mind are located, and connection is restored through simple techniques. One common issue with children dealing with dyslexia is that their switching mechanism needs to be reset. This is a technique that instantly balances the stress levels, calming the body and mind. It incorporates reflexology principles, breathing, and light tapping on the body.

The other technique that I recommend for all our children daily is the Cortices technique. The concept behind it is restoring communication within all areas of the Cortex and Limbic system of the brain. I use this technique every day and find it brings me clarity and emotional balance. Children can learn it easily for themselves. It can even be done on babies which is wonderful since they are unable to communicate their concerns other than crying. Try it next time your baby (or anyone for that matter) is crying and see if they calm down.

To learn these techniques, you can enroll in a one day Access Course in your area. It costs $125 to learn 5 of the most powerful techniques as well as an emergency protocol for quick healing. Go to and search for Access Courses near you. To learn the Cortices technique click here and you will see a video teaching how to do it. To have a 60 minute BodyTalk session for you or your child, you can book an Appointment on my site also. Sessions can be done in person in Richland, WA, or over the phone from a distance.

I find that children love BodyTalk and learn how it works quickly. I had a two year old in my office crawl up on my lap and begin to help with the session for his brother just minutes after his session! Kids are quick healers, responding immediately in their bodies and showing the results of the session within moments sometimes.

One of my favorite examples is when children begin to be more compliant and happy. Mothers will call me back in shock that their children are doing the things that are requested with happy attitudes. It goes to show that many children are suffering from basic energetic disconnects in the mind and body that can easily be reconnected. Once that happens, their beautiful potential can be seen and realized, ending constant frustration. Blessings on all parents as you do your best to raise your children. Let me be a support to you and give your family the gift of wellness.

Love to you all,