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BodyTalk Session: Overcoming Fears

Fear is an interesting kind of friend. It reminds us that something is not quite right within our body, mind, environment, or relationships. This kind of friend won’t be quiet until we finally listen to the lesson it is teaching us. Although fear can hold us back from reaching our potential, it is not all “bad.” In reality, it is a teacher. However, we don’t want to hang out in the realms of fear and phobia very long or it will be a dark place to live. We can’t pretend that we don’t have fears, but with a little faith, trust, and some BodyTalk pixie dust, we can let the energy of those fears come into the light and be released.

Through a BodyTalk session, the charged energy that keeps triggering in our body from fears can be brought to the surface and released in a safe way. Clients will not have to relive every moment of a trauma in order for this to be effective. Often subtle unconscious fears can be dealt with through BodyTalk and then clients are able to move forward into greater success and confidence.

When I do an individual session we work on specific fears and events in the client’s life that are blocks to reaching their full potential. When a group session gathers for a specific intention, I will follow the group energy through biofeedback to see what things the whole group needs cleared. It might be fear of commitment, success, failure, poverty, illness for example. We might deal with the energy imbalances in the adrenal glands which carry the consciousness of fear, paranoia, obsession, coping, and overwhelm for example. Maybe you are dealing with known or unknown imbalances in the kidney energy. Did you know that the kidneys carry our understanding of fear, paranoia, willpower, energy production and coping mechanisms? When I bring balance and connection to the body through a session, the possibilities for health and wellbeing are endless. Are you or your child dealing with fears? I can guarantee that there are underlying health issues, and I have found that these issues can be helped with a BodyTalk session.

 RealTalk |BodyTalk Testimonial 

"Moments of joy returning to families!! Here's a testimonial from Session #2 for J., age 8, dealing with Autism. I did a distance Bodytalk session one night after he went to bed. I shared results from first session last week. Here's what happened this time: "This is so cool. So last night before you called, J. had a super bad night and ended up going to bed crying and mad because he wouldn't do his homework that was taking 2 hours to do like 8 problems. It was discouraging and my parents were exhausted and sad watching the whole ordeal. BUT... I woke up at 3am to find J. standing by my bedside and he said "mommy" and gave me a big hug.... Amazing right??? It was like an out of body experience! Then he laid down by me and snuggled his head towards me and let me rub his back which never happens- then he looked at me with the most genuine deep smile that came straight from his soul and laughed and his body kind of got the shivers when he layed back down and he giggled again. I haven't seen him smile like that for a long time - it's like his old self was shining through. It made me think of how you said his cells were doing the happy dance and thought maybe he just couldn't contain himself.... it was seriously so amazing and beautiful! I also remembered asking him at 3am something about what he was doing up and he said something about doing homework which I ignored and just snuggled him but when I woke up I found his homework COMPLETED on the counter! Seriously so amazing.... Thank you for being so in tune to help heal my family- I keep thinking it's going to be baby steps but instead they are giant leaps!!! Hugs!"

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