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How to overcome fear and anxiety with natural anxiety remedies

Are you dealing with anxiety and fear? Are you looking for natural anxiety remedies or solutions?

What would it feel like to trust yourself fully, to know your purpose and to feel empowered to fulfill it? What kinds of things would you do if you weren’t held back by insecurity, confusion, and feelings of worthlessness, fear and anxiety? Would you like to find out? I knew I wanted to see what would happen when I shed my old energy and brought in the new, so I started getting serious about my own inner work that needed to take place. Years ago, I started working with other intuitive practitioners and experiencing major shifts leading to lots of healing.

Last month, I realized I need to start offering this same kind of experience to more groups of people, not just one on one clients. I will admit, I was afraid, so I did the group session on “How to overcome fears and anxiety”, with Yours Truly as Scaredy Cat #1. Before the session started, I asked to be able to do the session for all those who would ever hear it and receive the balancing it would bring. My intent was to help people have an experience to work through their fear and discover natural anxiety remedies and solutions.

I didn’t know what would come from that, but I ended up realizing hundreds and hundreds of people were going to receive that session. We had a nice group signed up, but it was by no means hundreds. As I contemplated who the recipients of the group session would be, I came to understand that I was to offer this session to all who would receive it, FREE of charge. It was an incredible session with so many gifts for each person. I can’t wait to see how it will change people’s lives.

If you are ready to step into your own power and overcome your fears, and be free of anxiety… I have a gift for you! I invite you to take part in the Overcoming Fears and Anxiety Session for FREE! I decided this session was too good to be kept just for the group that showed up last month. Some of the ways that we released fears and anxiety are listed below:

-The consciousness of our “Foundations” was balanced and incorporated into the physical bone structures of the body. This prepared everyone to be grounded into their purpose and proper life path.

-Phobia of Success was released, removing all our resistance to the success we truly are here to experience!

-We strengthened the connection between the Upper Spine to the Lower Spine, removing all the spineless energy in our lives and making people a target for bullying or bring taken for granted.

-Deep seated belief systems about self-worth and value were released.

-The consciousness of the thymus gland was rebalanced, moving each person from a place of being overly defensive, attacking, or protective into a place of having an open, unrestricted heart.

-Love and Forgiveness were addressed through clearing fears and bringing in new balanced frequencies.

-And So Much More!

All you need to do to take part in this session email me with Fear and Anxiety session as the subject. The recording will be sent to you right away. When you have about an hour to lay down, relax, and have some transformational shifts, go ahead and turn the recording on. You may want some water and a journal handy, or you may just close your eyes and rest. No matter what, you will be directed through the process of any tapping or breathing as I do the session. Yes, your children can receive this also as they listen to it! It will take you several weeks to have the full integration of the session, and I recommend listening to it at least one more time in the month following. I truly hope this gift will be the beginning of a whole new Fearless You!

 RealTalk |BodyTalk Testimonial 

"Moments of joy returning to families!! Here's a testimonial from Session #2 for J., age 8, dealing with Autism. I did a distance Bodytalk session one night after he went to bed. I shared results from first session last week. Here's what happened this time: "This is so cool. So last night before you called, J. had a super bad night and ended up going to bed crying and mad because he wouldn't do his homework that was taking 2 hours to do like 8 problems. It was discouraging and my parents were exhausted and sad watching the whole ordeal. BUT... I woke up at 3am to find J. standing by my bedside and he said "mommy" and gave me a big hug.... Amazing right??? It was like an out of body experience! Then he laid down by me and snuggled his head towards me and let me rub his back which never happens- then he looked at me with the most genuine deep smile that came straight from his soul and laughed and his body kind of got the shivers when he layed back down and he giggled again. I haven't seen him smile like that for a long time - it's like his old self was shining through. It made me think of how you said his cells were doing the happy dance and thought maybe he just couldn't contain himself.... it was seriously so amazing and beautiful! I also remembered asking him at 3am something about what he was doing up and he said something about doing homework which I ignored and just snuggled him but when I woke up I found his homework COMPLETED on the counter! Seriously so amazing.... Thank you for being so in tune to help heal my family- I keep thinking it's going to be baby steps but instead they are giant leaps!!! Hugs!"

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